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Weddings take time to plan and planning takes time and time is something we all wish we had more of.

So how to do you plan your perfect wedding in an amount of time, that doesn’t consume your life?

Weddings take time to plan and planning takes time and time is something we all wish we had more of. So how to do you plan your perfect wedding in an amount of time, that doesn’t consume your life?

Planning is a must for me, organization is a necessity and I have high expectations for my end product, especially when I have given my time. I need to simplify things to best use my time and generate a plan for success.

I organize a wedding, an event or even a project down into steps. I begin with 7 – seven is not too little and not too great of a task list to complete – remember limited time but expecting great results.

Engaged! Now what?

Step 1: Start rolling with a foundation. A wedding’s foundation begins with a solid budget. Decide what you want to spend. The basis for spending is your guest count. The more guests you have, typically is equal to the more expensive your wedding will be. Everything is based on capacity, venue, food, drinks and sometimes entertainment. Once that budget is in place, make those announcements – easiest and least inexpensive way is through your social media page. You can even set up an event specific social media page. Choose your wedding party participants and get to finding your venue.

Step 2: Find key Professionals. Do you want a planner? Wedding planners are a huge resource no matter the size of your event. Your wedding planner could be your one stop for everything from start to finish. Some planners have packages you may choose from or even do things ala carte. Either way a planner could be a huge resource and save you tons of time. Other key professionals to think about are your officiant, florist, bar tenders, cake baker, caterers, DJ or band and video/photographer. Remember also any personalized services such as a hair stylist or make-up artist.

Step 3: Are you willing to do anything yourself? Décor, food, hair and make-up or even your
own music? The items may save you money but will take more of your time.

Step 4: Buying your necessary items for the big day. Buying a dress, wedding rings, groom’s attire, bridal party attire, print materials and ceremony and reception items. These items bring your day together to make it perfect and personalized just for you; but need to be factored into your whole budget.

Step 5: Remember your checklists. Lists are one of my favorite things to do. I feel a sense of accomplishment as I get to check things off as being done! Check list for print materials may include, save the date cards, invitations, guest lists, table numbers and seating plans. Other lists you may have going are what I like to call the behind the scenes lists: Those lists include items such as buying your marriage license, any pre-marriage items such as a prenuptial agreement and post marriage items such as name change items, honeymoon fun, moving in with each other and merging accounts to make things joint.

Step 6: Check your final details. Details can be broken into time frame categories to make them more manageable. I like to use – one week before details and the day before details. Is your timeline on track, all vendors on deck, have you picked up the last details needed for your perfect day? By checking on things far enough in advance, it minimizes hiccups for your big day. Day before necessities may include items such as manis and pedis, rehearsal dinner and walk through. My biggest recommendation and final detail is TO GET YOUR REST! Go to bed early, your day is ready to be perfect, you’ve made a great plan and it will fly by.


I am an event planner specializing in intimate events. I love what I do but could never be successful without a plan. So whether you hire a team of individuals are you’re a do it yourself kind of person, detailed planning and budgeting are the key to success.

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