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Hello New World, decorating services - AT Southern Designs

Hi y’all! Ashley here with AT Southern Design Co.
I’m so excited to share with you what has been happening lately over here!

Today, I’m going to talk about Why I wanted a new website? Why did I want updates to our business model and needed new marketing avenues?? If you follow us on Instagram or Facebook you know I’ve been talking about our new website!

Our website showcases our decor projects and highlights some of our intimate events. Our site also offers so much more detail from behind our design to details on intimate event packages.

But WHY new stuff… WHY spend the money when events are not happening with Covid-19… WHY all the change??? BECAUSE it’s necessary to grow and experience new avenues to recreate yourself in a sense… to adapt to your market to remain afloat and be able to still produce. Limited production of course, but stopping what I had started and believed in wasn’t an option.

Events came to a standstill. Many places throughout our country still can’t gather to celebrate. I found Las Vegas has been one of the hardest hit cities and I know the ripple effect hasn’t stopped on the event industry. The losses we’ve experienced and still stand to experience, within this industry breaks my heart.

So… I had to switch gears and promote the decorating side of the business. I went to work, I decided I’m in my office ready to get things done – the outside world has stopped so no reason to leave the office. I had to prioritize things. I did this in three simple phases:

  1. I found the easiest way to get my name out there.
  2. I expanded my business presence with detail.
  3. I narrowed down my focus.

I focused on growing my social media presence and building relationships with my followers. I love building relationships. I love talking to people and getting to know them, learning their stories of success and their stories of experiences that did and didn’t work. I couldn’t leave to build in person relationships, so I picked up the phone and started looking at more stories, learning from my peers and providing feedback and encouragement to others. It’s so great to have awesome peers in my industry!

My focus switched from events to decorating services. I love taking on a project and making it great for my clients. I love seeing my clients love it and create awesome memories. I love seeing my peers succeed.

All in all, finding my new focus in a new world, I had to stay looking forward to the future and keep on working my dreams. When you dedicate your time and talents you will create success. Your time frame may change and your circumstances will fluctuate and that’s ok. Just don’t give up. Check out our new website as a whole, shoot us an email with your thoughts and let us know why you came to take a look. We are always looking for new connections and ways to shine bright in our new world.

Welcome to AT Southern Design Co. Thanks for stopping by!

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