Ashely & Ted - AT Southern Design Co

Hi y’all! It’s Ashley and Ted!

We are the husband and wife team behind AT Southern Design Co. We are an active family of 7 (5 kids is a lot of kids) living our American dream; while always having something going on. We enjoying celebrating at home in our backyard oasis, roasting s’mores and traveling with our kiddos. We love a glass of wine in our kitchen while cooking a meal; and the occasional hubby and wife get-away that always keeps the spark alive.

Ashley, is first and foremost a mother and a small business owner. Ted, has held a career in law enforcement and has the knack for building and being able to fix it all. We love working together and playing together. Ashley with an MBA and strong entrepreneurial spirit owned and operated a contracting company for over 12 years. After the sale of that business a new one was on the horizon. Ashley has always held a passion for decorating and planning events for her friends and loved ones. Ted has an eye for handy work and finishing spaces that would make anyone say “wow”. Therefore, AT Southern Design Co. was created!

AT Southern Design Co. wants to bring your dreams to life, whether it's decorating your dream living space or creating intimate events to celebrate milestones through all stages of life. We love creating, finishing and decorating with passion and style. We desire to bring your ideas for comfortable living and entertaining inside and outside of your home alive.

We believe that through our beauty made simple decorating style and intimate event planning services, we can help you create memories that last a lifetime. While letting us do the work, you can relax and get ready to enjoy the next phase of life.